A Step by Step Guide to WordPress

Creating a wordpress website site from scratch can be frustrating if you have no idea where to begin. Here’s a step by step guide to getting your wordpress blog site up in a timely manner starting with hosting. Bluehost offers a good deal on monthly hosting starting at $3.95 per month.

Domain name

You can find many deals from $0.01-$0.99 for the year. Keep in mind they will control how much you pay next year. That could range from $13-$20 depending on which company you buy your domain name from. If you buy it from your host you don’t have to set up DNS CODES. If you don’t and they have to be connected to your domain name you simply go to your CPANEL and look for your server names. Copy and past those 2 codes to your domain name DNS Code settings.


 Create a homepage, blog, about, contact, and any other pages you may want to add to your site. Once you get your pages down you’re almost ready for your menu before you do so your going to want to go into your settings of your dashboard and click on writing and select your home and blog page as static pages. Well in the setting you’ll want to change your prelinks to your preference as you do not want to change this later as it will mess around with your SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)


 Depending on your theme you may need more than one menu but create your own under menu in appearance on your dashboard.  If you create blog categories you can add them to your menu as drop downs so user can chose to just see concerts vs albums vs updates, what ever you may what to blog about or post about.

Recommended Plugins

For SEO Yoast & Jetpack.
Emulator or Beaver Builder for DESIGN.
Printful, WooCommers
for selling.
Daily Back-ups (Recommend with host not a Plug-in)

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