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Get 100k Streams in a Year or Less

Getting 100k streams in a year or less is easier than most artists think.
I have created this post with guaranteed methods to get a minimum 100k streams.


Getting onto a playlist is an easy way to gain streams. Many play listers are willing to add you to their playlist for a small fee. Firstly, research and understand your market and what each platform has to offer. Proceed by uploading to all streaming platforms -prioritizing all, not just one. It is important to keep in mind, although these services will pay off, there are many bots and fake plays for which you will not get paid for. Even more importantly, it goes against most streaming platform’s policies and will result in your music being banned from their platform.

Know your streaming platforms

Amazon Prime members receive access to your music through Amazon music.

Tidal offers the highest payout

Iheart Radio let’s you do personal shout outs to your listeners.

Ad Budget

Spotify Ads

ad.Spotify.com offers unique features for artists looking to get more listeners. Inside the Spotify ad studio, you can access ad voicing services. After you’ve created or requested an ad, you can then target the audience of artists with a similar sound. This is like tapping into a gold mine for listeners.

Facebook ads

Hypeddit.com has a download gate that locks your music. It can be unlocked and accessed by fans for liking your Facebook page or following you on Spotify or Instagram. This is a great strategic way to convert fans from your social media platform to Spotify.  Click funnels works as well.


Collaborating alongside other artists with similar goals can allow you to excel further and be beneficial to both parties. Creating a playlist with another artist to feature on both Spotify artist pages will alert both fanbases that a new playlist has been created and be pushed to them for a week or so span.

You can also collaborate with social media influencers who can create permanent posts showcasing your music. From personal experience, I have received over 100k streams in 2 days through this method. However, Fiverr offers a platform to seak out and find influencers ranging from 10k-10 million followers – Don’t go for the first ones you see. Always consider how many potential streams you can get overtime and your targeted audience. Not all services are worth the price the influencer is offering. I highly recommend creating a contact list of influencers. They will grow over time as will you and it’s worth building and maintaining relationships for future releases.

Applying this to your everyday grind is sure to assist you with obtaining 100k streams in no time. I guarantee it!

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