Re-up by Mazyn
Dunk Peterson
March 14, 2021

Mazyn is an emerging hip hop artist from Ottawa, Canada. Mazyn started writing raps in his dorm room as an Egyptian international student as a form of coping with homesickness, anxiety, and college stress – which eventually turned into songs he began to share with the world under his previous artist name “Capé”. In the span of one year of releasing music, he earned a nomination for “Hip Hop Artist of the Year” award in Ottawa by Faces Magazine in 2019. He also became a part of Shifter Magazine’s Top 10 Ottawa rappers and Capcityhiphop’s Top 50 rappers in 2019.

However, it seems like making music in his second language (English) wasn’t enough for the young artist. With his first Arabic release in “Mafesh Monafes”, Mazyn is paving his own lane and making it clear from the get-go that there is no competition in his way. He’s not just putting a city on the map, but a whole region and more. Click the links below to find out more.

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